The Next Steps

My husband has finally received his Korean citizenship!! He applied for it in July 2016 and he just received his identification card at the end of June 2017. This is has been a long time coming. Before he had his citizenship, he was on an F-4 visa, which allowed me to get the F-1 visa. The biggest downside to the F-1 is that I can’t work here in Korea. There were also limits to my

The End of Level 2 at Sogang

Well I’ve made it to the end of level 2 at Sogang. I took my writing test on Thursday, and took my grammar/reading/listening tests on Friday. The only test I had left was my speaking interview which was on Monday. In the interview, some of the questions I answered really well, however there were a few that I really stumbled on. But in the end

The Little Produce Market

I had seen on various blogs about Korea that buying vegetables and fruit from local vendors and markets was a lot cheaper than buying them from the chain supermarkets. These blogs recommended finding a market near your location, but I could never really find one that was close enough to me. However, one day my husband and I stumbled upon a tiny market in between Hongdae and Sinchon. It is very small, I don’t think I’d actually call it a…

A lackluster review class

I wanted to post a quick update, which is another way of saying I am putting off studying. Tomorrow I have a test but I’m really lacking the motivation to study for it right now. Partly because I have already studied a lot over the weekend, and the other part is because of today’s class. My past experiences with review classes at Sogang have been good. They usually hand out a ton of review papers. The speaking teacher…

Birthday in Korea at Tea Angpang

It was my 29th birthday last week, and the second one I’ve celebrated here in Korea. The hubs and I went to 티앙팡 (Tea Angpang) for my birthday. It is located near 이대 (Edae), about five minutes from the subway station exit 3. The outside of the cafe actually says Afternoon Tea, but it is the same place.


It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog. Last time I wrote, our kitten Tokkiya had just recovered from pneumonia. About a few weeks after that, her hernia became an emergency because her intestines slipped out into the hernia. She had to have an emergency surgery even though she was under weight. She made it though that surgery well and has recovered nicely.

Sweet Baby Kitten

My husband and I missed having a pet so we decided to adopt a kitten. We didn’t want to buy a kitten from a pet shop, so we looked around to find animal adoption places in Korea. At first we considered adopting an older cat since we knew kittens required a lot of work and we weren’t sure if we could provide all the time it would take. We inquired about several cats, but all of them had already…

Christmas Time in Korea

The Christmas season is my favorite time of year, as it is for many people. This year will be much different than previous years because I won’t be with my family. Every year my mom and I would go to Hobby Lobby and look at their Christmas decorations. Every year they had the same things but it was still fun to look. We would also bake lots of goodies together, my favorite being her caramel popcorn. I really…

Cat Cafe in Hongdae

Both my husband and I are cat lovers. When we were moving to Korea, we decided that we would leave our cat Kodama with my parents. Lately we’ve both been missing her and just generally having a cat.

생일 축하합니다! My first birthday in Korea

The title of this post says 생일 축하합니다 (saengil chukha hamnida), it means happy birthday in Korean. It was recently my birthday, my first one here in Seoul, South Korea. My husband and I went together to a cafe here in Sinchon. We had two chocolatey pastries, they were really good!! Here is my hubby making a funny face with powdered sugar on his face.