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The End of Level 2 at Sogang

Well I’ve made it to the end of level 2 at Sogang. I took my writing test on Thursday, and took my grammar/reading/listening tests on Friday. The only test I had left was my speaking interview which was on Monday. In the interview, some of the questions I answered really well, however there were a few that I really stumbled on. But in the end

A lackluster review class

I wanted to post a quick update, which is another way of saying I am putting off studying. Tomorrow I have a test but I’m really lacking the motivation to study for it right now. Partly because I have already studied a lot over the weekend, and the other part is because of today’s class. My past experiences with review classes at Sogang have been good. They usually hand out a ton of review papers. The speaking teacher…

Sogang Revisited

I’ve decided to take classes at Sogang again, starting in March. My goal is to get into level 2, especially since I had to repeat level 1 twice. At the time, I was upset that I had to repeat a level, however looking back, I’m really glad I did. Because it really cemented those grammar points in my head. I was also encouraged when a friend told me they repeated level 1 in various places quite a few times….

Learning Korean

  I want to share a little bit about my language journey. I’ve been learning Korean on and off since 2013. At the time I was living in New Mexico, and there weren’t many opportunities to attend a Korean language school, since there were none in the state. At the local University, there was a continuing education program that offered various classes. One of the classes was the Korean language.