The Next Steps

My husband has finally received his Korean citizenship!! He applied for it in July 2016 and he just received his identification card at the end of June 2017. This is has been a long time coming. Before he had his citizenship, he was on an F-4 visa, which allowed me to get the F-1 visa. The biggest downside to the F-1 is that I can’t work here in Korea. There were also limits to my husband’s visa as to which types of jobs he could have. Now that he has become a citizen, I can apply for the F-6 visa, the marriage visa, which will allow me to work.

Our next step for the F-6 visa is to get married. Even though we were married in that states, according to the Korean government we aren’t married. There is actually quite a bit we need to do now that he has his citizenship. His name changed, it is now 황현세 (Hwang Hyun Sei) officially in Korea. We now need to update all of our information.

There is a lot that both of us want to do. I want to continue learning Korean, and enroll in a graduate program, either here or online. My husband wants to be able to finish his degree. But we also need to be able to work. So we are trying to figure out the logistics of it all, trying to find out what will be best.

My husband also found out more information on his birth mother’s whereabouts. A friend of his has been helping him to locate her. They went to the police station and were able to narrow her down to two people. The police station will be sending officers to these two women’s houses trying to find out more information. It is very exciting and quite surreal. This is something I’ve wanted so desperately for him but it seemed so out of reach. Now it is all happening so fast.


May 19, 2017
August 18, 2017