The Little Produce Market

I had seen on various blogs about Korea that buying vegetables and fruit from local vendors and markets was a lot cheaper than buying them from the chain supermarkets. These blogs recommended finding a market near your location, but I could never really find one that was close enough to me. However, one day my husband and I stumbled upon a tiny market in between Hongdae and Sinchon. It is very small, I don’t think I’d actually call it a market. It is more like a pop-up store where farmers come and sell their fruits and vegetables. The produce they have there is incredibly cheap. For instance, we bought a bushel of garlic chives (부추) at a supermarket for about 4,980₩ which is about $4.39. At this little market they are usually between 500₩ to 1,000₩ which is about 45¢ to 89¢, per bushel.

Yesterday, my husband and I went running early in the morning and decided to see if the produce market was open. We thought they would have a lot of produce since it was early. We were right! They had so much to choose from, and nothing was picked over yet. I wanted to make three different types of kimchi, so we needed quite a few vegetables. We ended up buying:

  • 5 onions (양파)
  • 25 cucumbers (오이)
  • 3 bushels of green onions (파)
  • 1 bushel of garlic chives (부추)
  • 3 medium sized Korean radish (무)
  • 1 bushel of spinach (시금치)

We got all of this for 14,000₩, which is roughly $12.34. I was so excited! If we had bought this at the regular supermarket it would have cost us more than $40. This has become our new favorite place to shop for vegetables! I plan on making radish kimchi (깍두기), cucumber kimchi (오이 소박이), and green onion kimchi (파김치). I will write about our kimchi in my next post.

April 10, 2017
April 30, 2017