Sogang Revisited

I’ve decided to take classes at Sogang again, starting in March. My goal is to get into level 2, especially since I had to repeat level 1 twice. At the time, I was upset that I had to repeat a level, however looking back, I’m really glad I did. Because it really cemented those grammar points in my head. I was also encouraged when a friend told me they repeated level 1 in various places quite a few times. Everyone’s language learning experience is different. Some will be able to get it right away and others it takes longer. It’s taken me a while to really grasp that, but I’m finally starting to become comfortable where I’m at with learning Korean.

In the four areas of language learning (speaking, reading, writing, listening), I struggle the most with speaking. So I need to improve my speaking before I take the placement test because I know the oral interview will be the toughest part for me. I’ve improved a lot in my listening abilities, due to a language learning ebook that I read. I will talk about that in another post. As far as reading and writing, I’m a lot more confident in those areas, so I want my focus to be primarily on speaking right now.

Level 1 grammar points that I need to review in preparation of the level test:

-(장소)에 있어요
-몇 월 며칠
-몇 시예요?
-(장소)에 가요
-뭐 해요?
-위, 아래, 앞, 뒤, 옆, 사이
-으러 가요/와요
-을 거예요
-지 마세요
-고 싶어요
-에서 -까지
-을 수 있어요/없어요
-은 (형용사)
-지 않아요
-아/어 보세요
-으세요 (honorific)
-을 줄 알아요/몰라요
-아/어야 해요
-(으)려고 해요
-아/어 봤어요
-아/어 주세요
-보다 (더)
August 13, 2016
April 10, 2017