New yarn for upcoming projects

A week ago my parents sent me some things from back in the states, and it finally arrived! Some of what was in the box was yarn!  They sent me 100% cotton yarn by Peaches & Creme in seabreeze and pageantry, and one skein of Vanna’s Choice in charcoal grey. As well as fabric and thread so I can finish my bag that I’m making.

With the cotton yarn I plan to make placemats, washcloths, and a cover for my swifter mop. Last year I made a cover for my swifter mop with acrylic yarn. I don’t recommend doing this because it didn’t absorb anything, so it didn’t clean well. But at least it gave me practice making one.

My kitty loves yarn and couldn’t resist helping me take pictures. She also decided she needed to taste it too. (I don’t let her eat yarn, btw)



Here is what my bag looks like as of now:



In a future post I will show my finished bag, and some of the other projects I mentioned.


July 28, 2016
August 13, 2016